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  • How big are the round tables?
    The tables themselves are 72 inch round and require 132” linen to ensure the linen goes to the the floor.
  • Are table linens included?
    No, table linens are not included, but sometimes your caterer supplies them or you can purchase them off amazon.
  • How many farm tables do you have?
    (4) 8 ft farm tables
  • How many round tables do you have?
  • How long is the sweetheart table?
    6 ft long and standard table height
  • Is the decor included?
    Yes, all of our decor can be used for your special day, with the exception of any battery powered candles or votives
  • How long do we have access to the property?
    Our couples have access to the property from 9am - 11pm, with last drinks called at 10pm.
  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed in the barn?
    A maximum of 200 people is allowed in the barn. However, please note there are additional fees for events that have 150 or more guests.
  • How tall is the peak of the altar?
    11 ft
  • How many chairs fit at the ceremony site?
  • How wide is the ceremony stage?
    12 ft
  • How do I / my guests get to Bending Branch Ranch?
    Bending Branch is located 1 hours drive north of Orlando International Airport, and 30 minutes drive from Daytona Beach Airport.
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